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Scrolls & Megillah Cases

Judaica - A Rare Antique Esther Scroll/Megillah

Hand written on original parchment using the unique HaAri characters
It is made of only 3 segments, about 100-150 years ago
A Kosher Complete Megillah in good condition
Width:  40 cm (15 3/4")


Catalogue ID: Megillat-Esther-HaAri
$ 1,500

Judaica - A Silver Persian Megillah Case

An antique Megillah case probably Persian
It is made of white metal with low silver content
Length: 21 cm (8.2") ; Diameter 4 cm (1.6") ; Weight: 87 gram (3.1 oz)

megilah-case-pers-1.jpg megilah-case-pers-2.jpg megilah-case-pers-3.jpg

Catalogue ID: megilah-case-pers
$ 290

Judaica - A Color Printed Esther Scroll/Megillah

A color printed Megillah, Hebrew and French translation
Le Livre D'Esther
Width: 12.3 cm (4.8")

megillat-esther-french  megillat-esther-french  megillat-esther-french
megillat-esther-french  megillat-esther-french  megillat-esther-french

Catalogue ID:
$ 75

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