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Furniture & Lighting

Furniture, rugs, carpets, lamps and lighting


Description: An early American 3 piece mahogany set of end-table(1) end-table(2)
and a round table with leather inlaid top on 4 carved legs.

Catalogue ID: furn001

Price: $ 9,900 for the set of 3

Description: A set (2) of antique end-tables, with leather inlaid top

Catalogue ID: furn002

Price: $ 1,490 for the pair

Description: A unique rare antique end-table

Catalogue ID: furn003

Price: $ 990

Description: An old end-table, inlaid leather top

Catalogue ID: furn004

Price: $ 490

Description: Chest of Mahogany (certified/numbered) 4 graduated drawers on bracket feet.

Catalogue ID: furn005

Price: $ 1,890

Description: A pair of 'his&hers' arm chairs, carved frame,
Cabriole legs, circa 1890 (red velvet upholstery).

Catalogue ID: furn006

Price: $ 2,990

Description: A flower stand (Christie's 1979, London).

Catalogue ID: furn008

Price: $ 1,590

Description: A Coffee table with inlaid leather and glass top 1930/40, 121X50.

Catalogue ID: furn009

Price: $ 1,490

Description: A French crystal mirror (83X65 cm), circa 1910, walnut carved frame.

Catalogue ID: furn010

Price: $ 1,790

Description: A rare 'lips' shaped Edwardian mirror - (29X40).

Catalogue ID: furn011

Price: $ 990

Description: An American leather covered 'rocker-recliner'.

Catalogue ID: furn013

Price: $ 790


Carpets and Rugs


Description: Hand knotted and hand carved super 90 line 5/8" pile,
 100% pure wool pile, made in China (196X135 cm)

Catalogue ID: carp001

Price: $ 750  (Certificate of evaluation by Eli Sassoon on 26.11.1994)

Description: Persian Afshar Sumak Killim, Iran (145X108 cm)

Catalogue ID: carp003

Price: $ 640 (Certificate of evaluation by Eli Sassoon on 26.11.1994)

Description: Hand knotted and hand carved super 90 line 5/8" pile
100% pure wool pile,  made in China (190X122 cm)

Catalogue ID: carp005

Price: $ 850  (Certificate of evaluation by Eli Sassoon on 26.11.1994)

Description: A unique Persian praying carpet (45X94 cm)

Catalogue ID: carp006

Price: $ 490

Description: A Pakistani 'runner' pattern on pink background carpet (312X78 cm)

Catalogue ID: carp008

Price: $ 990  (Certificate of evaluation by Eli Sassoon on 17.9.1998)

carp009s.jpg (4476 bytes)

Description: A Persian (Hamadan) hand made 120 X 75 cm carpet

Catalogue ID: carp009

Price: $ 790

Description: A Persian Balouch, 88 x 157 cm

Catalogue ID: balouch

Price: $ 660



Lamps and Lighting


Description: A French bronze chandelier, 4 arms with crystal dripstones, 1910

Catalogue ID: lamp001

Price: $ 2,950


Description: A French double arm 'appliqué' bronze lamps, circa. 1930

Catalogue ID: lamp002

Price: $ 1,500

Description: A pair of old American table lamps (ceramic), double light levels
additional inside lighting (one of the lamps was restored)

Catalogue ID: lamp003

Price: $ 890 (for the pair)

Description: Art deco style table lamp

Catalogue ID: lamp004

Price: $ 390

Description: A battery operated lamp - light-stick No. 2105-4, Bell System

Catalogue ID: lamp006

Price: $ 90

Description: A picture lamp

Catalogue ID: lamp007

Price: $ 150

Description: An antique double arm wall lamp with crystal beads and fringes

Catalogue ID: lamp008

Price: $ 490

nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)

Description: A beautiful Art-Nouveau style bronze lamp (no wires),
Weight: about 83 ounce (2.5 Kg), Height: about 43 cm (17")

nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)
nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)nouveau-lamp-b-1.jpg (6627 bytes)
Catalogue ID:

Price: $ 690



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