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Israeliana - Teppich

Original works by Hans Teppich from Jerusalem


Hans Teppich was born in Germany in 1904. After finishing High-School in Berlin he learned woodcarving and worked in a furniture factory for three years. During this period he studied art in evening classes, and then continued studying for ten more years in morning classes in the “Kunstgewerbe und Handwerkerschule” in Berlin. He acquired a broad range of art education, including: drawing, sculpture, metalwork, bronze casting, metal turning, and interior design.

Hans Teppich won many prizes during his studies for different projects in which he participated. His bronze and stone sculptures of animals were presented in an exhibition at the Berlin Zoo.

In 1933 he immigrated to Israel and established a workshop in Jerusalem.

In his workshop he created different practical art objects including Hanukkah lamps, Candlesticks, Mezuzot, Israeli flower shaped Spice boxes, many beautiful pieces of jewelry and unique chess sets.

Teppich was a genius artist. He became famous for his Biblical figures and Judaic items.

Hans Teppich passed away in 1983 at the age of 79 in Israel.


Brass Figures from the Bible

Here we have a collection of real original Teppich figures, we have assembled them from various sources mainly for reference purposes.

These figures were made since early Palestine days up to 1970s

Height range from 3.5 cm (1.4") - Palestine era, up to 6 cm (2.4")

Typical bottoms arranged chronologically

teppich-bottom-1.jpg (6476 bytes) teppich-bottom-3.jpg (9266 bytes) teppich-bottom-4.jpg (6463 bytes) teppich-bottom-5.jpg (5236 bytes) teppich-bottom-6.jpg (5455 bytes)
Palestine Israel-1-50s Israel-2-60s Israel-3-60s Not by Teppich

The rarest are those marked "Palestine", later came those marked Made in Israel, then came those with paper labels with the figure names.

Some have an "Original Teppich" label on a lead tag (2186 "Mas-Kniya"=Purchase-Tax number)
and the symbol of the State of Israel on the other side.

The myth about bullets used as material is definitely not true and was initiated by one of the American dealers...

The page below appeared in a catalogue by I. Wolsky 1955 containing Israeli Arts and Crafts.

teppich-cat-1.jpg (73402 bytes)

(press to enlarge)

Initially he made the 13 figures as shown above and later when he realized that he is being copied by one of his past employee he added more figures.

teppich-x-palestine-1.jpg (6247 bytes) teppich-x-palestine-2.jpg (6476 bytes) This is one of the rarest and earliest figure made by Hans Teppich.

It is signed/engraved MADE IN PALESTINE and Jerusalem
(without the 'yod' in Hebrew)

It is difficult to verify the name, it is obvious however that it is a
Biblical female. I was told that it is probably Eve (Hava).
Height is 3.5 cm (1.4") - typical to the Palestine era,
later figures were somewhat larger, up to 6 cm (2.4")
teppich-ahasveros-1.jpg (10491 bytes) teppich-esther-1.jpg (7564 bytes) teppich-rachel-n1.jpg (6544 bytes) teppich-shulamith1-1.jpg (9173 bytes) teppich-dancer.jpg (3517 bytes)
Ahasveros Esther Rachel Shulamit Dancer
teppich-gent-1.jpg (6090 bytes) teppich-abraham-n1.jpg (5914 bytes) teppich-mordecai1-1.jpg (7070 bytes) teppich-chassid-n1.jpg (7615 bytes) teppich-david1-1.jpg (8285 bytes)
Gent-Modern Man Abraham Chasidic Rabbi/Mordechai Chassid King David
teppich-miriam-1.jpg (9279 bytes) teppich-miriam-1a.jpg (6235 bytes) teppich-yeshiva-student-1.jpg (3584 bytes) teppich-moses-o-1.jpg (5950 bytes) teppich-joshua-1.jpg (9246 bytes)
Miriam Miriam-back Yeshiva-Student Moses Joshua

teppich-joseph-1.jpg (6804 bytes)

teppich-joseph-1a.jpg (6999 bytes) teppich-smadar-1.jpg (7673 bytes) teppich-solomon-n1.jpg (6263 bytes) teppich-deborah-1.jpg (8386 bytes)
Joseph Joseph-back Smadar Salomon Deborah

teppich-sarah-n1.jpg (7482 bytes)

teppich-tamar-n1.jpg (10032 bytes) teppich-sheba-1.jpg (9587 bytes) teppich-aron.jpg (3373 bytes) teppich-salome-1.jpg (7408 bytes)
Sarah Tamar Sheba Aron Salome

Other works by Teppich

The following items were associated with Teppich, but they are definitely not by him and they are not signed.

The first 2 Hanukkah lamps shown below were made by the 'Ort' school in Israel about 1960-70s

The third one (right) was made by one of his past employee who opened his own shop.

In addition, any figure that is hand etched with 'name' and 'Israel', were made by one of his past employee who copied his famous Bible figures and those were made until recently.

The figures below are in that category and they are also collected.

teppich-batsheba-1.jpg (7126 bytes) teppich-rebecca-1.jpg (7907 bytes) teppich-leah-1.jpg (6363 bytes) teppich-ahasveros2-1.jpg (7445 bytes) teppich-shulamit-1.jpg (6818 bytes)

teppich-batsheba-2.jpg (4485 bytes)

teppich-rebecca-2.jpg (2127 bytes) teppich-leah-2.jpg (5708 bytes) teppich-ahasveros2-2.jpg (2613 bytes) teppich-shulamit-2.jpg (5455 bytes)
Bat-Sheba Rebecca Leah Ahasveros Shulamit
teppich-mordecai2-1.jpg (7812 bytes) teppich-david2-1.jpg (7351 bytes) teppich-shamuel.jpg (3858 bytes) teppich-isaac.jpg (3181 bytes) teppich-shlomo1.jpg (4558 bytes)
teppich-mordecai2-2.jpg (2314 bytes) teppich-david2-2.jpg (2248 bytes)      
Mordecai David Shamuel Isaac Salomon
teppich-hanah.jpg (3835 bytes) teppich-x1.jpg (2654 bytes) teppich-x2.jpg (2849 bytes)
Hannah ? ?



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