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Candelabra - Sabbath Candlesticks and related


For candlesticks made of olivewood by Bezalel press here

A Gorgeous Rare Antique Sabbath Oil Lamp
A gorgeous rare late 18C / early 19C German/Dutch Sabbath oil lamp


Dimensions: Total Length=50" (127 cm) Base D: 8"(21 cm)  Weight: about 3 Kg  ID: cand001

$ 2,500

A Gorgeous Pair of 19C Polish Candlesticks
This is a huge 19C Polish silverplated candlesticks. Made by the Norblin factory in Warszawa (Warsaw), No: 1153
This is a classic Polish Sabbath Candlesticks. Recently it was newly silver replated.


Dimensions: Height:=14.5" (37 cm)  Base: 7" X 7" (18 cmX18 cm)  Weight: 1180 gram ID: cand002

 Price: $ 890

A Unique and Rare 19C Persian Silver Candlesticks
This is a large 19C Persian silver (84) candlesticks


Dimensions: H=10.4" (26.5 cm)   Weight: 708 gram (25 oz)     ID: cand003

 Price: $ 2,500

A Beautiful 19C Polish Brass Candlesticks
This is a large 19C Polish brass candlesticks. Made by the renowned Polish maker Jakubowski&Jarra
It is a classic Sabbath Candlesticks with original rich golden patina. A similar in use in Budapest

candl-jakub-jarra-4.jpgcandl-jakub-jarra-5.jpgcandl-jakub-jarra-6.jpg Candelabra-Budapest_tmbn.jpg (4169 bytes)

Dimensions: H=13.4"(34cm)  Base:6.5"(16.5cm) Weight:874 gram (30.8 oz) ID: cand004

  Price: $ 1,290

A Beautiful Pair of Heavy Sterling Silver Sabbath Candlesticks
An early 20C American made Sabbath candlesticks with repair as seen
Very heavy (over 1Kg both!)


Dimensions: Height: 12" (30.5 cm)   Weight: 1030 gram ID: cand007

 Price: $ 2,200

A Rare Pair of 19C Polish Brass Candlesticks
This is a 19C Polish brass candlesticks, very rare shape
It is a classic Sabbath Candlesticks with original rich golden patina.


Dimensions: H=12-" (30cm)  Weight: 804 gram (28.4 oz)  ID: cand012

 Price: $ 790

A Beautiful Pair of 19C Silver Plated Candlesticks
This is a unique 19C silver candlesticks, probably made in Germany but might be Polish
It is a classic Sabbath Candlesticks, high silver content-plating


Dimensions: H=9.5" (24cm)  Weight: 724 gram (25.7 oz)  ID: cand013

 Price: $ 890 

A Pair of Early 20C Brass Sabbath Candlesticks
They were made in the US according to the 17C original made in Poland


Dimensions: H=11.3" (28.7 cm)   Weight(both): 1564 gram (55.2 oz)    ID: cand014

 Price: $ 690  

A brass Sabbath candle holder
A brass candle holder for Holydays, made in Israel, 1950's

Dimensions: H=5" (12.8 cm)   Weight: 169 gram (6 oz)    ID: cand015 

 Price: $ 89

A rare Israeli single candle holder, view of Jerusalem - David's tower, c. 1950
candlestick-david-1.jpg candlestick-david-2.jpg candlestick-david-3.jpg

Dimensions: H=2.8" (7 cm)   Weight: 36 gram (1.6 oz)   ID: cand018
Price: $ 69

An Israeli brass memorial candle holder, great patina, by Oppenheim, c. 1950
candle-memory-op-1.jpg candle-memory-op-2.jpg candle-memory-op-3.jpg

Dimensions: H=2.5" (6.4 cm)   Weight: 106 gram (3.7 oz)    ID: cand019
Price: $ 69

A pair of Israeli sterling silver traveling Sabbath candle holders, folding into each other
candl-travel-1.jpg candl-travel-2.jpg candl-travel-3.jpg

Dimensions: D=2.5" (6.4 cm)   Weight: 39 gram (1.4 oz)    ID: cand021
Price: $ 120

A 3 arm Israeli brass candelabra, engraved Jerusalem at bottom, c. 1950
silp125.jpg silp125a.jpg
Dimensions: H=4.9" (12.5 cm)  W: 5.5" (14 cm)   Weight: 169 gram (6 oz)    ID: cand022 

 Price: $ 59

A pair of Israeli brass Sabbath candle holders, great patina
Dimensions: H=2.5" (6 cm)   Weight: 297 gram (10.5 oz)    ID: cand023

 Price: $ 69

A gorgeous pair of Sabbath plated candle holders and Kiddush cups
Dimensions: H=5.5" (14 cm)   Weight: 250 gram (8.8 oz)   ID: cand029 

  Price: $ 99

A Beautiful Single 19C Polish Brass Candlestick
This is a 19C Polish brass candlestick, signed GP
This is a classic Polish Sabbath Candlestick with original rich golden patina.
Dimensions: H=12" (30 cm)   Weight: 370 gram (13.1 oz) ID: cand010

   Price: $ 85

A Rare Single 19C Polish Brass Candlestick
This is a large 19C Polish brass candlestick. Made by the Jewish factory, signed "Spiro" (Shapiro) in Warszawa (Warsaw)
This is a classic Polish Sabbath Candlestick with original rich golden patina.

With a bulbous stem chased at intervals with foliate bands set on a square base.

Dimensions: H: 14" (36 cm)  Base: 5.3" X 5.3" (13.4 cm X 13.4 cm)  Weight: 614 gram  ID: cand005

  Price: $ 120

A rare 19C/early 20C oil lamp, made of heavy brass/bronze
Dimensions: H=3" (7.5 cm) L: 5" (12.5 cm)  Weight: 298 gram (10.5 oz)   ID: cand030  

 Price: $ 190

General - candlesticks, candle holders and related


A pair of rare Scottish antique brass candlesticks, circa 1750
silp105b.jpg silp105a.jpg silp105c.jpg
silp105.jpg candel-brass.jpg silp105d.jpg

H=10" (25 cm)  Base: 4"X4" (10X10 cm)   Weight: 956 gram (33.7 oz)    ID: cand016   Price: $ 790  

A pair of heavy metal night English candle holders
candles-bras-night-1.jpg candles-bras-night-2.jpg candles-bras-night-3.jpg candles-bras-night-4.jpg
Dimensions: H=3" (8 cm) Base: 4" (10 cm)  Weight(both): 665 gram (23.5 oz)  ID: cand009 Price: $120 
A candle extinguisher, gorgeous horse head
Dimensions: L=9" (23 cm)   Weight: 81 gram (2.9 oz)    ID: cand010  Price: $ 89 
An Italian unique sterling silver candle distinguisher, signed Giovanni
Dimensions: H=3.5" (9 cm)   Weight: 9 gram (.3 oz)    ID: cand011  Price: $ 49 
A 5 arms antique candlestick, silver on copper, England late 19C/early 20C, 3 parts
 H=14" (35.5 cm) W: 10.5" (27 cm)   Weight: 1524 gram (53.8 oz)   ID: cand012   Price: $ 150 
A very unusual antique EPNS English heavy candle holder
Dimensions: H=6" (15.5 cm)   Weight: 444 gram (15.7 oz) (weighted)    ID: cand014  Price: $ 75
A beautiful Dutch porcelain candlestick
porc095.jpg porc095a.jpg
Dimensions: H=8.5" (22 cm)   Weight: 447 gram (15.8 oz)    ID: cand018  Price: $ 35  
A hand made wooden candlestick
wood-candlestick-1.jpg wood-candlestick-2.jpg wood-candlestick-3.jpg
Dimensions: H=7.7" (19.5 cm)   Weight: 83 gram (2.9 oz)    ID: cand030   Price: $ 25 
A single silver plated candle holder
candle-sp-single-1.jpg candle-sp-single-2.jpg candle-sp-single-3.jpg
Dimensions: H=3.2" (8 cm)   Weight: 260 gram (9.2 oz)     ID: cand034   Price: $ 25
A hand made artistic candelabra
candle2-sp-art-1.jpg candle2-sp-art-2.jpg candle2-sp-art-3.jpg
Dimensions: H=10" (26 cm)   Weight: 315 gram (11.1 oz)     ID: cand035  Price: $ 79  



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