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Watches, Chains and Related Items

'Knob Watch', known as a 'pin set or nail set buttonhole watch' signed 41 Swiss.
A rare late 19th Century Swiss ball watch, running well
Set by pushing a small metal stick while rotating the upper winder.
Small white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals,
the twelve in red, gilt hands, steel case (almost 30 mm). Circa 1900. Excellent condition.

A similar watch is sold at: Anthony Green Antiques - Vault 54
The London Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane  London, for "only" 1,650 GBP=approx $ 3,200

(see http://www.anthonygreen.com/detailofbutton1831.htm)
Catalogue ID: watc001

Price: $ 1,200

Silver cased, Fusee movement, gold and silver face, with key.
A large (52 mm) 19th Century English Fusee cylinder in a silver consular case.
Full plate fire gilt movement with signed dust cover, round pillars.
Attractive engine turned silver dial with applied gold Roman numerals,
the center engraved with a decorative foliate design, gilt hands.
Substantial plain silver open face case with dust proof shuts,
the gilt dust cover forming the inner cuvette, running

Catalogue ID: watc002

Price: $ 690

A gorgeous silver (84=.875, typical Russian marks) watch case (marked Geneva, with Swiss hallmarks)
Weight: 47 gram (1.7 oz) ; diameter 5 cm (2") ; inner diameter: 4.3 cm (1.7")

Catalogue ID: watchcase-rus

Price: $ 89

A rare original Russian silver (84) chain (Albert) ; Weight: 33 gram ; Length: 45 cm (17.5")
Catalogue ID: watch-chain-russian-albert

Price: $ 240

Note: More watch chains are available, Victorian, Albert chains and Fobs - please ask


A rare original Victorian watch chain with Onix stamp as seen ; L: 36 cm (14")
Catalogue ID: watch-chain-victorian-gf

Price: $ 190

An original ship's Aneroid framed Barometer with crystal mirror, circa 1900.
Dimension:  34 cm (13.4") x 44 cm (17.3").
Catalogue ID: watc011

Price: $ 950

clock-leroy-3.jpg clock-leroy-4.jpgclock-leroy-5.jpg
A French 8 days alarm clock, made by Armand Leroy,  running
Catalogue ID: watc014-leroy

Price: $ 250

A rare Westclox black alarm clock, made in Brazil, circa 1950, running
Catalogue ID: watc014 

Price: $ 85

Watch-Pendant-Swiss Made-Webster watch. Marked Webster, Antimagnetic, and is Swiss made.
1950's piece. made by Bernard Schaffel, running.

Catalogue ID: watch-webster

Price: $ 150

 watch-swiss-dore-2.jpg watch-swiss-dore-3.jpgwatch-swiss-dore-5.jpg
An original
Swiss made Dore, sterling silver with enamel (loss), not working
Catalogue ID: watch-swiss-dore

Price: $ 89 (price reduced, AS IS)

Art deco 1940's wristwatch with a ruby and diamond dial gold filled, marked Accro Bond, running
The band is marked JB 1/20 10K G.F. U.S.A.
Catalogue ID: watch-accro-bond

Price: $ 99 (price reduced due to age related scratches as seen)

An original Elgin starlite 17j watch, running
Catalogue ID: watch3-elgin-starlite17

Price: $ 79 (price reduced due to age related plating loss)

A gorgeous watch set in a hand made by an artist case and bracelet all sterling silver.
Signed by the artist (MD) ; Japan Movt, 3 ATM water resistant. running

Catalogue ID: watch-art-md-silver

Price: $ 120

An original Boy-London watch (Boy-31-W), running
Catalogue ID: watch-boy-london

Price: $ 99

Bentley, sterling silver classic, ST. Steel back, BB-925-69BU, Crepha, running
Catalogue ID: watch-bentley-silver

Price: $ 99

An original Solora mechanical watch, 15J
Catalogue ID: watch-solora

Price: $ 79

A Sully Special, 17J, incablock, waterproof, antimagnetic, mechanical watch, running
Catalogue ID: watch-mech-sully

Price: $ 79

A Breitling like watch, chronomat, berie-A12050-1, limited edition-1000, running
Catalogue ID: watch-breitlinglike

Price: $ 250

A Rolex like submariner watch, automatic, running
Catalogue ID: watch-rolexlike

Price: $ 250

An original vintage Seiko quartz, SGP st. steel back, 0N0704, 7122-7040R, running
Catalogue ID: watch-seiko-gp

Price: $ 89 (price reduced due to local external corrosion)

watch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m-1.jpgwatch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m-2.jpgwatch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m-3.jpgwatch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m-4.jpg
An original Russian made watch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m, running but need care

Catalogue ID: watch-VOSTOK AMPHIBIA-200m

Price: $ 69 (price reduced due to condition - mechanic OK but sometimes stops)

An original swatch, running. Consecration/2002 SUEK404
Catalogue ID: swatch-seuk404

Price: $ 69 (price reduced due to scratches)

An aluminum cicada watch, Movt. 834/86, Swiss made 17 jewels,
Catalogue ID:

Price: $ 29 (price reduced as it needs cleaning, running but it stops after a while)

A unique quartz watch by Bossini, water resistant, 30 m, s.steel back, running
Catalogue ID: watch-bossini

Price: $ 79

A Mitsubishi Carisma quartz watch, 3ATM, water resistant sport, ADI, running
Catalogue ID: watch-carisma

Price: $ 69

An original Certina watch 133 5503 25, running
Catalogue ID: watch-certina

Price: $ 69

An original Citizen watch
Catalogue ID: watch-citizen-l

Price: $ 69 (price reduced due to age related scratches)

An original Citizen men's watch
Catalogue ID: watch-citizen-m-2

Price: $ 59 (price reduced due to face scratches as seen)

A Gucci marked quartz watch
Catalogue ID: watch-guccilike

Price: $ 69

A quartz watch, Japan movement, running
Catalogue ID: watch-imoto

Price: $ 29

A JE Jacques Edho watch Paris, JE6002, 18K gold plated, running
Catalogue ID: watch-je-paris

Price: $ 79

An original Marvin Revue quartz watch, Swiss 77557
Catalogue ID: watch-marvin

Price: $ 49  (price reduced need cleaning)

A quartz watch, running
Catalogue ID: watch-sheffield

Price: $ 19

Spirent communications, quartz watch, running
Catalogue ID: watch-spirent

Price: $ 19

An original swatch, irony-AG-1996, running
Catalogue ID: swatch-irony-1996

Price: $ 39 (price reduced due to scratches)

An original swatch, scuba, 200 M, running
Catalogue ID: swatch-scuba

Price: $ 29

A Swiss military watch, running
Catalogue ID: swissmilitary

Price: $ 69

A quartz watch by RADID, running

Catalogue ID: watch-radid

Price: $ 29

A quartz watch by Unical, as knew, running
Catalogue ID: watch-unical1-r

Price: $ 19

A quartz watch by Unical, as knew, running
Catalogue ID: watch-unical2-r

Price: $ 19

A quartz watch by Unical, as knew, running
Catalogue ID: watch-unical3-r

Price: $ 19

A quartz watch by Unical, as knew, running
Catalogue ID: watch-unical4-r

Price: $ 19

A quartz watch by Unical, as knew, running
Catalogue ID: watch-unical6-s

Price: $ 19

L'orologio precision, Japan movement, quartz, running
Catalogue ID: watch-orologio

Price: $ 19 (price reduced due to missing decorative knob, scratch)

A quartz watch by Willis
Catalogue ID: watch-water

Price: $ 19

A quartz watch by Seiko - Titanium 5 bar 620912, original strap
Catalogue ID: watch-seiko-titanium

Price: $ 29 (price reduced, not working)

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